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How To Prepare For A Face To Face Interview

Good preparation for your interview is vital to ensure its success. Check out our top tips for preparing for a face-to-face job interview.

Have a good breakfast

You might not feel like eating much due to pre-interview nerves, however it’s important to have a good meal beforehand. This will give you the energy to perform well as well as avoid any tummy rumbles!

Study the job description and your job application

Make sure you’re really familiar with both the job description as well as what you said in your application. This way if you are asked any questions about information you have said you will be ready to answer them.

Learn the interviewer’s name

Make sure you know the name of the hiring manager, that way when you get to reception you know exactly who to ask for.

Get your clothes ready the night before

Make sure you know exactly what you are wearing and that it’s clean and ironed. That way it takes the pressure off choosing your outfit on the morning of the interview.

Research on the role

If possible, find a structure chart online to see where you would fit in. Find out as much information as possible about the duties you would be expected to carry out.

Research the company

This is a vital step in preparing for you job interview. Find out as much as you can about the company and what they do. This will help you to not only answer the interview questions but also to ask any relevant questions on the company. Trawl the company website, in particular the ‘About Us’ pages to get a real understanding of what the company does.

Research common interview questions

Check out our post on ‘common interview questions’ to have a look at some of the most asked questions during an interview. (link to common interview questions page)

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