How to search for jobs

How do I search for job vacancies?

Searching for vacancies is easy using the drop down lists.

You can choose to view all vacancies or narrow your search by location, job type, job category/skillset, salary, contract type or a combination of these.

Simply select the requirements for your search and click the “Search” button.

Alternatively you can search by a keyword by entering it into the Keyword box and clicking search.

Remember the more categories you select the narrower your search.

How can I be alerted about jobs?

You can set up an e mail alert for our vacancies.

Log in, using your username and password. This takes you to your Home page. Go to 'My Homepage' and then 'My Saved Searches and Job Alerts' then click on the 'Add New Search' link. (You may add up to 5 different e mail alerts).

Enter a name for your email alert and select the criteria you require, such as salary, occupational group etc., then click on the 'Save' button. The system will send you an e-mail daily when any vacancies are put onto the website that matches your search criteria.

Tip:- your e mail address in your registration is used to send out e mail alerts, so it is important that you keep your registration details up to date.

How do I delete my job alerts?

Log in, using your username and password. Go to 'My Homepage' and then 'My Saved Searches and Job Alerts' you will see a list of the email alerts you have set up. Click on the 'Dustbin' icon next to the alerts you want to delete.

I do not appear to have received any job alerts?

Ensure you have set up an e mail alert on your home page - refer to question: How do I set up e mail alerts? Ensure your registration details reflect your current e mail address. Check in your spam/junk folder in your computer. You may have a filtering system set up on your computer that will not accept our e mails alerts.